Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Go Socceroos.

It's 3:30 pm in the afternoon and I'm stuffed. I need more caffeine!!

After nodding off at the 72 minute mark of the game last night, I was awake again in time to see the 3 goals go past the Japanese keeper. They were great goals and well deserved after pretty much owning the ball for most of the game. Great result and puts Australia in the drivers seat for a second round spot. Also awoke early enough this morning to see my other team, Italy, put 2 past the Ghanese keeper. Viva Italia.

It was sad to see the USA lose though. I guess they had their minds eslewhere, like the NBA finals or Baseball or Stanley Cup. I guess that's where they will be focusing now.

Finally, I want to mention the little wave Josh Fraser gave Jeff White after Josh kicked a goal early in the match. Josh, don't be a smarty pants (I'm at work, I wanted to say something else). The gesture reminded me of a little hand puppet, I fI find a picture I'll post it, but it did remind me of a little Kermit.

Off to see my sons teacher soon, parent teacher evening.


Mondale said...

Bloody result mate!
well done!
it's a nice change to have a world cup in a managable timezone, the last game finishes at 5.15pm

BEVIS said...

Well, things didn't go so well against Brazil. But the result I'm more interested in knowing about is: How'd the parent-teacher interview go?

Clokeeeey! said...

Mondale, I wish I could say the same thing about the timezones. All our viewing is between 12am and 7am.
Tonight I have Italy to watch at 12am and Australia at 5am. What a pain.

Bevis, his teacher was quite pleased with him, he's doing well at the new school and needs to improve his writing and story telling. Otherwise he's doing very well.

BEVIS said...

Good to hear! :)

On another note, if by some miracle you happen to read this in time, there's currently one position open on my TV blog for you to join my fun little experiment known as 'Big Blogger', if you're interested ... ??

BEVIS said...

Ah, i've given the last spot to you whether you want it or not. It doesn't have to be a voluntary thing. And you'll be part of something that's bigger than all of us, man. Bigger than all of us.

MelbourneGirl said...

prithee tell me you don't really mean it when you say it was sad that the usa lost?

what's annoying me is the abundance of australian flags anchored onto cars around the joint.

so call me a usa hater, as well as an anti-patriot. i don't care.

i bet you didn't think i checked your blog, did you??

see you in the blog bro house, darling.

Clokeeeey! said...

Bevis, thanks for the role. Looking forward to it. I hope I have a good head for TV, or whatever this is.

MG, hi, yes, bit shocked as I'm just not posting much anymore. It's too cold in my office and as I said before, I need a laptop so I can Tech in front of the fire.

I love the fact the Americans that they are invincible on the world stage, yet they are crap at soccer. In fact, the only thing they do right is call soccer - soccer and not football. Anyway, it was good to see them kicked out of the world cup without a win and how the fuck they could have been ranked 5th in the world - what a joke! FIFA is on the take, for sure.

I found some more Arrested Development episodes. Can't wait for them to show up on DVD.

weasel said...

Hard luck mate; there is always next year's ashes. Your mob were robbed, by the way.

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