Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mondays experts..

Round 14 of the AFL has gone by and we have more evidence that the season is either completely over or this is the most even season since probably 1993. With the Eagles so far ahead of the pack, it would be an automatic assumption that they will win the premiership, but in true parochial style, we in the eastern states, including South Australia, believe that they will crumble under the finals pressure as they have in the past couple of seasons. The truth is, no one knows. My two cents are still on the Eagles to make the Grand Final, but the rest will be based on who get to the end of the year with the least injuries. I’m thinking the 4 teams in equal 2nd place are so evenly matched that they’d all be able to beat one another. Then you have Brisbane hovering and the rest are making up the numbers. I will declare it here and now – Port are gone! Let’s spend a minute here in silence and remember the once mighty power.

I should also mention here that the Pies are back! Only 2 games out of the eight and a walkover match against the hapless Brisbane Bears this week. Ooops, sorry, I time warped back to the early 90’s. Anyway, it was another great effort by the Black and Whites. Showing up the flaws in the 2004 premiership winning team, they were disjointed and actually openly fought amongst themselves, it was great to see. It reminds me of soccer teams after they let in a goal, everyone screams at the guy in front of him, waving their arms about. What the hell is all that about?

Roger Federer wins his 3rd Wimbledon title in a row. What a magnificent performance. I didn’t see any of the match but Roger tells anyone who’ll listen that he played the best game he could and Andy didn’t stand a chance. Very modest of you Roger.

Venus Williams won her 3rd title as well, beating Lindsay Davenport in a game described as the best women’s tennis match ever. Again, I didn’t see it as it was on way too late for this little black and white duck magpie.

No cricket news to report, just that the first Ashes test starts soon, should be entertaining. Not going to have any digs just yet.

Dwight Yorke has turned out for his new club in Sydney today. I was going to link you to an interesting story about his first hit out, but couldn’t find one. As he is playing for Sydney FC, I don’t really give a fat rat’s clacker. He’s a big name, but I wonder if he isn’t past it.

I was just ready ninemsn article on the French Grand Prix, and rather than the headline being “Alonso wins, stretches lead in the championship”, the headline is “Pain without gain for Webber”. Now I know this is an Australian news channel, but really. Tell me who won and how they did it, not who’s arse was on fire during the race.

What the hell is happening to Ferrari? Bernie’s new rules has killed them. This is really shitting me off, I just want to see total Ferrari domination, but all we are getting is total domination of Ferrari. This is not the natural order of things, fix them up Bernie! Fix them up!

OK, i've calmed down a little now. Time torest up for a big day tomorrow. I'll be going to work and just sitting there watching emails come in and out of my mailbox, oh the excitement.

See you's.

Game Over.


Toadie from Neighbours said...

I EAT PIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toadie from neighbours

Clokeeeey! said...

Thought you might, fat boy.

Mondale said...

Look here old man, It's really no use your lot coming over here and beating us again. I wont have it.
All a bit overshadowed by other stuff but still, it's not on!
(And is that really Toadie?)

Clokeeeey! said...

Bowlesy, that Toadie is a fake. There is a band of actors and writers that frequent blogworld and while this guy may profess to be the Toad, he needs to get his stories straight. I feel he'll disappear soon as he can't keep up the charade, not that I care. He adds no value other than a little laughter when he gets going.

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