Sunday, July 03, 2005

Short update.

As predicted, the young Hewitt kiddie couldn't make it past Roger the Ferderer. He is just way too good. We clinged to the hope that maybe, just maybe he'd falter or Hewitt would play harder and get past the swiss mis(ter), but alas, he played his "A" game, but Roger was at "A+" level. Good luck Roger. At least Hewitt got further than Henman, that's all I can say. I heard there is a Scotsman on his way up too. That'll give the Brits something to cheer about.

Went to see the Pies last night strangle and then beat up on the Power. It was "Lights out" for the wannabes as they just crumbled like the house of cards that they are. As soon as any pressure was applied, like someone saying boo, they just capitulated. It was a great night and but for a couple of 1 point losses this year, we'd be "in the mix". I don't like dwelling on coulda, woulda, shoulda situations, BUT I do think we have been a little unlucky this year. Ya never know, we might just sneak a few more wins and make it hard for those teams above us wanting to make an impact in the finals. Starting with Brisbane next week.

The final of the one day tournament at Lords is be played at the moment. The Aussies started well, 50 off about 6 overs, can't complain about that, but then they just collapsed and made a pathetic 196 all out. In true English style though, I've just checked the scores and I see they are 19 for 3 wickets... Hold on, the TV has gone quiet, let me check.... make that 19 for 4. PATHETIC. The next man in is Collingwood, at least you poms can experience the pleasure of supporting a well named individual. Although, I still hope he makes a duck.... dammit, he just scored a 4.

Thats it for now, need some sleep.

make that 32 for 5. How many tests are you going to win?

Good night.


Mondale said...

Was that a dig?
Did I hear some rumblings down under?
Last I looked we were coming back at ya! 41 for 5 Ha!
Seriously mate, I have had dealings with your types in the past. I can handle myself and I know people.

Mondale said...

What was that? nice draw mate!!
listening with my brother on the phone (inet was messing about, couldont get the BBC). My bro's words? "The Aussies can stick it up their f**ckin arse!"
Your'e gonna be sorry you messed with this Pom!!

Clokeeeey! said...

Well, seems like it was a good recovery, but once again, not good enough. Lucky to get that last run to tie the game.
Have you tried - there is no video coverage, but the ball by ball is pretty good in lieu of making phone calls back home.

Mondale said...

I normally check out the British newspapers online, mostly guardianunlimited or the BBC sites. Both are a bit behind the pace with their updates, especially if you're also listening online. I just happened to be chatting to my bro during the final couple of overs so he cranked up the radio so I could listen. I would'nt want anyone to think I call England and listen for hours!

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