Thursday, February 23, 2006

Footy Starts this week!!!!!

Can you believe it. It's Feb 24th and the footy is back.

All I know is that the Pies are playing the Saints on Sunday in a evening/twilight game. We can't go coz we have birthday commitments at that time so I'll be tuning in somewhere, hopefully the bowling alley we are going to will have it on a big screen.

Footy is back, I can smell the dencorub already.
No, Wait, that's the smell of the dencorub on my calf after I pulled a muscle attempting to run after a tennis ball. Do'h.

My prediction for this year. Fremantle to sack the coach and promote Mark Harvey. Why the hell would he move all the way over to W.A. if they hadn't guarenteed him the top job.

More predictions to follow...


Cam said...

Yepp footy season is comming and i cant wait.

Collingwood to finish 2nd bottom and sack Mick. :D

BEVIS said...

Are you there, Clokeeeey? It's me, BEVIS.

(Meant to sound like "Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret", but it doesn't really, does it. Sorry about that. And about this.)

Clokeeeey! said...

Yes, I'm here. Been too busy to post anything new just yet. Will do so soon though.

BEVIS said...

Good. But it's still football stuff, so I can't provide any input (same with you when I talk Muppets), so I'm leaving this message here so you know I've been back and tried to read it. :)

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