Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Live from my desk at work.

I've decided to write today's post from work. It seems by the time I get home I'm just to stuffed to switch on the PC and think and type and read other blogs etc. I spend 8 hours in front of this thing at work and it gets real tiring by the end of it all. The last thing I feel like doing is another couple of hours at home which wouldn't start until the kids are in bed, so that's at around 8:30.

So, the ASX game has started and after one and a half weeks of wheeling and dealing, I've pocketed $51,560.84 (minus the original $50,000), which leaves a growth of about 3.1% which if annualised would be about 150%. Can you figure out why stock brokers are rolling in cash???
Anyway, I 've lead out of the blocks fast amongst my colleagues here at work and look forward to my free coffee from PEC.

I was also hoping to write a glowing account of my beloved Magpies, but alas they were beaten by a team wearing white with a purple anchor. What gives? When ever I see a team playing in basically all white, I think of nappies. Don't ask me why, it's just an image of a baby in a nappy wearing a white singlet.

See what I mean. Just draw an anchor on this little one and hey presto, he's a docker.

Hopefully the cats will have more luck against them and that Melbourne can spank Adelaide too. I couldn't stand it if both finalists were interstaters.


Magical_M said...

Expect you're a happy man that the Cats won. I mean its not a victory for your team, but its certainly a victory for your state.

My mum still calls it the VFL you know.

Clokeeeey! said...

Happy coz someone very close to me is a cats fan. They have suffered for so long, It's good that they have some hope this year.
And yes, any team that beats Adelaide is good in my books.

Magical_M said...

Can't stand the Crows - even though I grew up in Adelaide. I expect it comes from having Victorian parents - my dad was a Hawks man through and through and my mum has been a Bombers supporter for over 60 years.

It doesn't go down well in her neighbourhood which is staunch Crows territory.

Apparently one of her neighbours complained about her cheering on of the Cats on the weekend (she too has Geelong ties).

My mum rocks.

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