Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't Curb your Enthusiasm.

If this is not the best show not on free to air TV then I don't know squat. Over the past 4 weeks we've watched episode after episode of some of the more brilliant comedy you will ever see. Curb Your Enthusiasm is better than Seinfeld, better than Hey Dad and certainly better than Bullpit. I'd put it on the same level as Fawtly Towers. Pretty much every episode was Gold, pure Gold. We'd watch four episodes a night and look at each other and say "One more? - yeah, why not". You find yourself saying "Larry, just keep walking, don't turn around, get out of the shop, just go, it'll end in tears".
If you haven't seen this masterpiece, get down to Blockbuster/Video Ezy/Network Video et al and do yourself a favour. You have to watch them in order, series one to four and once you see the pants tent episode (first show in series one) you'll be hooked.
We are patiently awaiting series five to hit our screens, hopefully on Foxtel sometime soon, please!!!


BEVIS said...

Gee, you're going to a big effort, here!

I'm just going to have to see it, aren't I.

*accepts fate*

weasel said...

It has to be one of the greatest shows ever committed to TV. Larry David is one of the most painful people to watch who have ever existed. I love it to death and Clokeeeey, it only gets better as the series progress.

I've found it also totally alters the way I watch Seinfeld repeats, too.

Anonymous said...


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