Sunday, July 23, 2006

A series of Tubes.

This is a bit of a parody on a speech made by a US senator. I guess most technologists are familiar with it.
Jon Stewart is very funny.


BEVIS said...


I love it.

He's a very funny man, alright!

Magical_M said...

I have a big crush on Jon Stewart.

But that's not why I popped over.

I popped over to say congrats on your win last night.

[clenches teeth]

[extends hand]

Really. Well done Pies.

[holds back the tears]

But did you have to flog us by 40 points??

Was that really necessary?

[burst into tears at the thought of yet another disappointing season]

Clokeeeey! said...

Sorry M_M, but as it happens, it coulld have been more. It should have been more, but I'm not that greedy. unlike my St Kilda mates who got to see a 100 point victory.

Jon Stewart's show is on the Comedy Channel, but I keep missing it. I need one of those recording devices, with a tape thingy in it.

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