Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This one's for Shez.

One of my mates at work has provided us with many laughs, usually at his

He complained to me the other day that he was trolling through my blog
posts and noticed that I hadn't written anything about him. I think he was
peeved that I didn't tell any of his life stories here in blog world. To
tell you the truth, there were many, many instances that could have made
great reading. In our usual way, I could have stretched the truth as well
to make the stories more interesting, although some may think they are far
fetched enough as it is.

So here goes, This story is about the time he found a love note under the windscreen wiper of his car at a city car park......

OK, I'm not going to keep going with this, how about you fill in the
blanks. Who was the note from? What happens next?

Nearest correct entry will win a prize*.

*prizes may not be honoured.

** Written with Shez's approval and consent.


ChickyBabe said...

The note was from a male coworker pretending to be a hot female coworker. It ended in disaster. She had to ask for a transfer to another department. He got a promotion. All the guys thought he was king for a day. You helped him write the love notes.

Gianluca Di Milano said...

hi mate! how are you? I was not wirte for a long times because after Italia was win the world cup I was drink 2 whisky bottles and smoke up 3 bags of diochlorymethanicpropane for celebrate. 3 months more later, I was wake up! My mama is say I am a lucky to be a life but I'm not understand her. She is talk always from the ass.

Anthony said...


Clokeeeey! said...

CB, congratulations, you are the closest.
and only.

Actual story is, We suspect that the cark park attendant slipped the note there and when Shez texted the number on the note, all seemed normal. After the 3rd exchange, the text started off saying "I hope you don't mind, but I'm a guy". Well that was it, we laughed for about an hour. We suspected this but couldn't believe it was as we thought. Shez thought it was definitely a girl, but he was pretty well heart broken.

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