Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rambo Data


BEVIS said...

It really shows how bloodthirsty the typical Amercian cinematic audience has become for their action films, doesn't it.

I find it hard to enjoy Rambo films. This would probably be the reason. It's hard to appreciate John Rambo as the good guy when you see figures like that. Justified killing? Not so much a fan of that; sorry, Hollywood.

*removes serious hat*

PiesFan90 said...

Agreed. These stats were supplied by a man who claims that Alien vs Predator was a brilliant film too.
He boasted about how everyone in the new Rambo movie was just chopped up by a new weapon he had access to. Arms, legs everywhere, carnage etc as if it was a good thing. He couldn't understand why I kept trying to cut him off and shut him up.

*put serious hat to one side too.

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