Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rear Window.

While sitting in a meeting today, we happened to look out the window towards an adjacent building. That building is a block of serviced apartments and occasionally we've seen the odd occupant performing unnatural acts like vacuuming the carpets in the buff, holding a dance party, etc. Today we witnessed a couple who obviously don't check to see if the blinds are up or down. Firstly a dude, a quite hirsute dude, a quite hirsute naked dude, walks into the viewable room, slips on his jocks and socks and then walks around the room doing whatever. eventually he appears again, fully dressed and doing stuff behind the closed blinds.
15 minutes into the meeting, we are bored and being a teleconference we muted ourselves so we could talk about how boring the meeting was and then we were confronted by the following scene :

The hairy dudes wife appears from the bathroom, hair covered by a towel, but nothing else. It was a little like the Little Britain ladies scene (I forget their names). I still couldn't believe that they thought they had privacy in that room. It's about 10-25 metres away from our building which is all windows, surely they knew they could be seen. It was the middle of the morning for God's sake!

Anyway, it provided us with a light hearted moment during an otherwise dull and dreary meeting.

We have a meeting booked in the same room for the next few weeks, more reports from the Rear Window as they come to hand.

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