Thursday, September 15, 2005

School holidays.

Well it's time my little ones look forward to every couple of months, The school holidays! This September we're of up north to follow the sun, and stop halfway up. The nations capital will be our home for the next week so there may be no time for posting as I'm not packing a laptop and don't plan to spend time in net cafes other than to sip strong lattes.
Enjoy the footy this weekend, I think the Saints and Crows will win and play off in a repeat of the 1997 Grand Final.
Have a good week.


Mondale said...

School holidays? you bloody idiot! School started two weeks ago. You can't take them out of school. I won't allow it.
Jeez, next thing you'll be telling me you live in a place the other side of the world where everything is back to front and upside down. Where summer starts in September and you have Christmas on the beach.
(I love abusing Aussies now that pressure of the cricket is off)

ChickyBabe said...

Have a wonderful quality time with your little'uns!

Roguemaze Central said...

Clokeism. It's all about the Cowboys n the swans. Not that I give a fuck about the swans. It just hurts all this footy stuff. It just really hurts.

...mj said...

As a true tech nerd, I cannot believe that you're not packing a laptop! Amazing, such self-control!

Clokeeeey! said...

Well, there was a laptop within easy reach but I resisted and only checked emails once.
Back to work tomorrow and life behind the computer screen starts again.

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