Thursday, September 08, 2005

Final test starts.

The Oval is alive with the sound of leather on willow. In the first hour, it was all willow, soon after drinks it was all Warney. He's a magician and he's just about ready to rip the Poms a new one. I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but who give a toss.
3 for 115 at lunch after being none for 70. It was a great little fight back. The funny thing is listening to the commentary, especially from old Geoffrey Boycott. That Yorkshire accent is a beauty and he talks absolute crap from start to finish, but we sort of love 'im.
I've just noticed something on the cricket telecast, that new grandstand at one end of the ground has 2 empty levels, this can't be right can it? I thought this was sold out. C'mon you pommy's what's going on?

AFL this weekend sees the semi final round. My sons second team, the Cats, are playing in Steak 'n Kidney Friday night and I'm expecting a close game. Sydney was hard done by last week, most commentators called it robbery. I didn't see the end of the game as I expected Sydney to win.
The other game in crow town between two teams no one really gives a toss about, except for the ferals Adelatians that support those two teams. Whoever wins it will make the trip across to Perth the following week and get belted. Good luck boys.

The US open has started, well it's almost over. The c'mon kiddy is through to the quarter finals and hopefully will win tomorrow and get to play Roger again.

woo hoo - You beauty Warney, 4 for.

Anyway, the tennis doesn't excite me much unless the Aussie Open or Wimbeldon are on. The French open is soooo boring and the US open is on at the wrong time of the day for downunder viewing, therefore it not very exciting, but to each there own.

Have I mentioned that I like watching those World Poker tournaments on SBS, it's fascinating watching. I hate to gamble my self and would never spend more that $100 in my life time on any form of gambling (I think I'm up to about $70 now), but I just enjoy watching others bet and raise and fold and going all in. I wonder how many others are addicted to watching this stuff?
But, what I have noticed is the proliferation of poker kits being sold in games stores. Is this a worrying trend? I had heard that places like Toys 'r Us were selling these kits but through outrage they stopped selling them (I believe).

Ok, that's about it for now, next time I write, I'll hopefully report that the Ashes have been saved.

Good night Kiddies. Go Hewitt.


weasel said...

Boycott: "By gum, 'e needs to bowl lineunlength. Joost pad oop t'ball lad- defensive strokes win tests by eck." I agree; he talks utter bollocks but is so wickedly opinionated.

Mondale said...

I'm biding my time.

Clokeeeey! said...

Langer, you beauty!!!!

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