Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ummmm.... So I was wrong.

Now that I'm back, I've looked at my finals predictions and could I have possibly got it more wrong? Saints, Crows grand final? What was I thinking, this is exactly why I don't gamble.
We were driving back from Canberra on Friday and spotted quite a few Swans supporters making the trip the Hume. I thought they were on a hiding to nothing, I again thought they would provide West Coast with little more than opposition for a couple of quarters and then fall by the wayside. Again, wrong. I watched the game last night after getting home at 6pm and it was a great, absorbing battle of the defenses. Not the free flowing goal fest that sends crowds into raptures as the goal umps flags are waved. This grand final reminded me of the 2002 grand final, which I have an emotional link to as the Pies almost pinched the flag from a stronger opponent.
So should the Eagles feel ripped off? Barry Hall should not have been playing, how he could get off the striking charge is beyond me. Two players were suspended for very similar charges earlier this year (Gehrig and Didak) and he he was able to plead it down to a lesser charge which allowed him to play. He was the difference as he was able to kick a couple of goals out of eight, you can say he was the reason the Swans now have the flag.

The Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix is run tonight and if Fernando Alonso comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd he will become the new F1 World Champion. After many years of domination by Michael Shumacher, the baton will be passed over to a new young gun. He started driving for the Minardi outfit so there is a small piece of Australia in the new World Champion elect. A new champion os what the sport needed, but the rules changes have conspired to enforce this change. What it has shown is the Ferrari must have spent a ton of money on every race, preparing new cars and getting the best of equipment to every race. Now they have to make an engine last 2 races, the tyres can't be changed and qualifying is a complete shambles, does anyone actually understand it?


...mj said...

Would that F1 circus seriously get rid of wings, put fat slicks back on the cars and finally create a formula where there is real 'racing' on the track?!

Clokeeeey! said...

m!key, I gotta say that I enjoyed watching the first race in The A1 Grand Prix series. Seems like they have all the elements right, nations against each other, rather than car companies. Equal equipment with the only variables being the humans behind the wheel and those changing the wheels. It was fascinating to watch. If you've got Foxtel, give it a look see.

weasel said...

Hello Clokeeeey, old chum. Awfully sorry to hear about this: Australian man falls in garbage crusher after night out. I'm glad he survived as it reminds me of my favorite newspaper headline from the town I live in over here in the states:
"Woman in trash can drunk not dead."

ChickyBabe said...

Iknow this is a sports weekend, but if you'd like a little break from cheering teams, I've tagged you for a little meme. Details on my blog!

Clokeeeey! said...

Thanks CB, I actually wonder if I've had 23 posts, I'm off digging.

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