Thursday, June 23, 2005

Buckley is back. Yeah!!!!!

Finally, the captain is back. It's been a wretched year for the skipper and finally he gets his chance to lead the team out since round 1. I for one am glad to see him back and would have loved to have been in the habour city to watch it, but things being things, we couldn't go this year. Maybe next year.

Round 13 team selections

Jim Clement has been in outstanding form this year, he is my favourite player. Leands by example and never gives up. He even thinks we can make the finals. I guess it is still mathematically possible (as the coodabeens would say).

James Clement speaks

The Tennis went as expected last night. When I heard Philapousis say that he was in good form (after round 1) and that he knew what he had to do to win and his attitude was right and blah and bling and so on, I just knew he was going to lose, especially after I found out he was playing the World no 2, Marat Safin. Well he lost, but not real badly, 7/6, 7/6, 6/4 is a pretty good score line. Not as the papers made out, that he was thrashed. It would seem to me that he only lost one service game in the third, how is that a trashing? Anyway, the Hewitt kiddy is still there and the only realistic chance of making the quarter finals.

For the benefit of my little one, here is the current ladder.
West Coast Eagles
Sydney Swans
Port Adelaide
St Kilda
Brisbane Lions
Western Bulldogs

Well, that's about it for tonight. Keeping an eye on the cricket, see if the Aussies can win a game.

See ya's.

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MelbourneGirl said...


hey clokeeey - did you notice that geelong are fourth from the top, and collingwood are... yep, you got it, fourth from the bottom?

interesting isn't it?

i'm sure that collingwood jumpers used to have black arms - no hoops

i used to be in love with peter mckenna. but my sister used to be in love with paul cronin - solo one was the show, he was a cop on a bike, and so it just goes to show that a young girl with a crush on peter mckenna doesn't really mean anything much if her sister can fancy dave sullivan on a bike - there is no reason.

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