Monday, June 27, 2005

Buckley. My Hero.

Well, the great man made his return and short of kicking the winning goal, he played a brilliant captain's game. The scary thing is, that he thinks he can improve. It was another nail biter, with only 30 seconds to go, Didak had the chance to soccer through an unlikely goal, but the bastard of a ball skided away from him and slid through for a point. Let's not dwell on the timekeeping issue, that's been done to death and the offenders have been sacked.

This week we take on the premiers of last year, Port Adelaide. I think we are going to win this and I'm gonna get along and barrack as loudly as I can. GO PIES!!!!


And over in England, the Aussies are finally showing the poms how to play cricket. The press over there will soon have to change their tune as Ponting's boys show them the reason why they are world champions at both forms of the game.


The NBA final was eventually won by the Spurs, in a very entertaining final game, they pretty much seemed to fall over the line by a handful of points. They were behind mid way through the game, but fought back to regain the title.


Brazil v Argentina in the final of the confederations cup.


The Hewitt kiddy looks like he's going to make the semi-final at Wimbledon, where he is expected to play against Federer. I think LH has a mental block when he plays Roger, he just can't seem to get past him. C'mon Lleyton!!!


MelbourneGirl said...

i haven't read this article. i have no time to, plus it's not that interesting to me. what IS interesting is that i have the new, unopened, unperused NewWeekly magazine on my bed. On the cover is Jennifer Anniston on a beach with Vince Vaughan and his arms look really big. They both look really happy. Inside my bed is my trusty bluey - my faithful friend - my ally against coldness - my rubber guy - my hotwater bottle.

I have no interest in Llllllleyton Hewitt, not his ordinary girlfriend. Not interested either in football [geelong didn't play this week, they are maybe still up in brisvegas spitroasting groupies around a resort pool peut-etre?] but i AM interested in Shane Warne's marriage busting up, as well as Wayne Carey showing his face [or profile] on tv the other night. I suppose the shame has subsided. Was there shame, that he was doing his friend and captain's woife?

Plus Elle MacPherson's marriage breakup was announced same day. Perhaps they are connected?

To bed, to bed, 'tis late, 'tis cold.

Clokeeeey! said...

You make me laugh. I wanted to talk about Warney, but I'm saving that for another Rant. Probably when you get onto one of your discussion points on your blog.

I thnk Elle and Warney are now seeing each other, yet to be confirmed but NW might have some pics next week.

MelbourneGirl said...

sorry clokeeey, was that out of line for me to not respond to the actual posting? do i detect a subtle rebuke there, ie a suggestion you may go onto say an upcoming post of mine about the history of serviettes/table napkins, and then start a Warney rant? i wouldn't mind but i understand if you want me to leave the way clear for serious sports fans to comment...

methinks i am sorry


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