Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm excited!

The Pies have a tought task this week, Port Adelaide are starting to make some moves towards the 8 and have finally started to get that winning feeleing. Well, it all stops here. They'll leave Telstra Dome with their lightning bolts between their legs. Going to see the game with my Bro and a neighbour of his, we'll be the ones in the black and white gear, I'll make sure I wave to the cameras. Good news is that Eddie (channel 9) had to call Eddie (Collingwood Prez) to ask Eddie (Prez) if they could show the game live. There were hats flying all over the place at Eddie's mansion today. Why Live? So they can show the Tennis live and not miss a c'mon!!!
Round 14 Teams

Little Lleyton is through to the semis and as predicted, will play Roger Fedora. This will be either a classic grass court slam fest over 5 gruelling sets, or just another Roger whitewash. He's had the wood on Hewitt and I'm sure they both know it. Good luck anyway, Aussie Lleyton.

The cricketers are just creeping along, getting better with every game. The are playing the Bangers tonight and last I saw they had them at 5 for 80. Not too interested in that tonight, going to watch the amazing race soon. There may be a break in transmission.
Still watching the Amazing Race, they are in India, oh boy the Kaos.
Oh well, the old couple have made it through to the final 4 and the boyfriends have been booted.

So anyway.....

The Aussie girls lost in the netball last night. What the hell happened there? Irene Van Dyk is what happened there. She equalled the world record for test appearances, I'm sure she was a South African at one stage. Anyway, the Silver Ferns won 50-43, the Aussie were inaccurate and basically, stuffed it up.

That Andrew Bogut made Australian basketball history by becoming the first ever number 1 draft pick in the NBA. Great for him, but when he starts playing, the word on the street is that the rest of the players are gonna give him one hell of an introduction to the big leagues. He apparently shot his mouth off and slagged off some great Australian players as well as some yanks. Not the best move in the world, be interested to see how he goes though. He does have game.

Now, this guy is apparently coming to Melbourne Storm. Michael Crocker is his name and he's supposed to be good.
I'll need some Sydney siders input here. League is not my game.

And finally, what the hell is happening at Football Australia? Why sack the coach 5 months before we play some south american team (unknown as yet) for a place in the World Cup finals? Whoever takes on the job is on a hiding to nothing. Get Frank back, sack him if we don't make the finals. Typical of why this game will never get to where the other football codes are at in this country.

Game Over.


MelbourneGirl said...

i don't know what to say. i have no knowledge. i have nothing to offer. i have no sports finesse or vocabulary. i have no good sporty turn of phrase. i have no insight. i have no understanding. i am sorry.

Mondale said...

Good Lord! I must admit that I am shocked and disturbed to have to admit that the only other blogger in the entire world who appreciates the movie "The Club" is a f**ckin Aussie. Ah well, guess that's not altogether surprising considering that it's an Australian movie. Even my American wife has managed to fit the phrase "Fruitful and harmonious" into our everyday conversation. I'll give you as much hell as you deserve when we beat you in the Ashes!
check out 'The random doubts Of Walter Mondale' for banal and wierd commentary of modern life (and check out the NYCanaries site for my expat footy team)

Clokeeeey! said...

Bowles - I'll be over to Mondales to check it out.
MG - no need to be sorry, See the Cloke, Love the Cloke!

Mondale said...

Right there Clokeeeey,
I can't get cricket on the telly here but i will be back in blighty during august (but what's the point? you'll be dead and buried by then). i'm gonna link to you as the only aussie in my life has moved back to Melbourne, i need someone to abuse.

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