Monday, August 01, 2005

Ferrari fights back.

I noticed that in the Hungarian grand prix, the Ferrari has finally put itself on pole position and seems to be going well in the early running of the race.

The Aussie cricketers are playing some sort of shire in blighty. On the frst day they managed to bowl 1 over. Typical English weather settled in and wrecked the day. Hopefully they'll get to play the other 2 days which is all they would need to wrap up a county match.

The Australian new soccer league the A-League pre season cup started this week. This is the new revamped Australian competition which has reduced the number of teams, has removed the dependancy on ethnic groups to support the teams and hopefully will appeal to the Australian masses that have for some reason or another, not embraced the round ball code. When I was a kid, the game was referred to as "wog ball", I'm not sure that it is called that now but it would explain why so many football fans didn't flock to soccer. I actually think it's more to do with the lack of scoring in comparison to other options in Australia.

The swimming world campionships are about to close in Montreal Canada, with the Americans and Australians fighting for bragging rights. We will always claim that given the size of our country (population wise) we should be lucky to win any event at all, but we have won about 10 gold medals to the Americans 15 or so.

Ok, that's it for now.
Game Over.


problematic said...

Too bad man. Maybe next year.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

weasel said...

You would think the English would be better swimmers, given that we live on a rain soaked island. Oh hold on, I just walked right into it, didn't I?
OK Ockers, fire away: "yeh, but yew poms are allergic to water aren't ya?" etc etc.

Clokeeeey! said...

The only time a pom is allergic to water is when there is soap near by.

Notice I didn't mention the Rugby, When I stopped watching it we were in front. There was no Matty Rogers to be seen, but they still lost. Damn them. The Sewth Efricin coach reckons it's caused by all the League imports, bringing their working class attitudes to Rugby which is hurting Australia. I'm not sure about that, very few teams win away from home in the tri-nations.

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