Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That second test.

Well, I have to eat some humble pie. Australia lost the second test. Let's put it into perspective, Ponting wins the toss and bowls (dickhead). Our top order scored bugger all runs and then will still manage to get within 2 runs.

I was glued to that last hour of the match, I had pretty much given up as we still needed 100 runs with only 2 wickets left. Well I missed the Warne wicket as I channel surfed, but as the run chase got close and the electronic scoreboard at the ground kept showing an ever decreasing number to win, I could not move.

It reminded me of the famous test match in 82-83 at the MCG, I was sitting in a banana lounge on the balcony of our holiday house for that summer, portable TV at my feet and I remember it was about lunch time. Mum was yelling at me to come down and eat lunch (hot dogs as I recall) and I just ignored her calls, there was no way I was moving from that spot The run chase was almost over, we were going to win, if I moved it would be bad luck, something would happen. I didn't uncross my legs, my arm stayed behind my head and that seemed to help Thommo and Border. But then, the fatal blow, my younger brother came out on the balcony and disturbed the picture, I yelled at him and moved, then had to chase him out of the room. 2 minutes later, Thommo snicks the ball to some pommy plod at second slip who dropped the catch, but actually bumped it up to allow Botham the opportunity to jump across and catch the ball before it hit the ground. I wanted to clock my brother for causing this catastrophe. I was gutted.

This time round, there was no interference from a younger sibling, the kids stayed in bed, this time I can say, it wasn't my fault. One of the guys at work did say he moved just before that last wicket fell, I blame him!

Congratulations to the Poms, they did play better for 3 days.

Also, congratulations to Shane Warne, 1 wicket away from 600.

Apologies to chickybabe and m!key for returning to sports. It's what I do, but I might return to tech talk another time.


Mondale said...

serriously, the tension was incredible!
like i said, watch out for the second or third test.

ChickyBabe said...

Please, no apologies needed! It is your blog :). I am not an avid sports fan so that was purely for selfish reasons. Please do not change based on anything I say :).

weasel said...

Congrats to Warne on 600, and hooray for the chaps for getting orf to such a magnificent start. No doubt there will be a spectacular collapse to follow from the three lions....

Lynda said...

As a 100% Texan, I have absolutely no idea what I just read - lol - it's foreign/same language.

Laura said...

Ponting is a complete dick. As a "pom", I think Warney should be Aussie captain. We should've won today. I refuse to believe it was down to Ponting that we didn't, and instead prefer to believe that it was down to the crappy Manc weather. To Judgement day in Nottingham.

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