Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Fourth test and Dallas Cowboys.

Well we’ve got past the halfway mark of the 2005 Ashes series and the series is still alive, very rare compared to the past 10 series. The two remaining matches are live and the Aussies could still lose the Ashes. Prediction? I think Shaun Tait will come in for Gillespe who is badly out of form. The pitch at Trent Bridge is supposedly going to be a paceman’s paradise and will not suit two spinners. The groundsman has been making all sorts of noises that it won’t suit the spinners so even they are trying their best to screw with the Aussies minds. The batting lineup won’t change, I think Hodge deserves a go but he’s not from New South Wales! Katich will stay in.

I think the Aussies will prevail here and retain the Ashes, but it will be close. It has been absorbing cricket so far, about time too.

The leaves in the northern hemisphere are ready to change colour, so it must be time for the NFL to kick off with some practice matches. Tonight I’m watching the Cowboys vs Seahawks on Monday Night Football. I love this sport, it’s Chess on Turf. I could never understand the game, but I remember seeing it on late night TV with Don Lane. He explained a few of the intricacies and pretty soon it all made sense. The man that really cleared it up is John Madden, he is the best commentator on TV and he’s got his own strange habits. I understand that he drives a Winabago from game to game. So if the game is in Seattle this week and next week in Green Bay, he drives there. Also, he puts his “player of the game” on the side of his camper van with some sort of sticker/magnet arrangement. I think he’s afraid of flying so he keeps his wheels on the ground. [Must be costing a packet with fuel prices these days]

In AFL news, I’m over the season coz the Pies are so shocking lately, but that never stops me from speculating and barracking for any of the other Victorian teams. The Cats won this week (I tipped this!) with a very aggressive game and shut down the West Coast midfield. All the teams that have beaten the Coasters have been able to strangle the likes of Judd, Fletcher, Kerr etc. Good on the Cats, Honey will be happy. The only interest for me now is whether the pies can drop to last and get the number 1 draft pick. Is it that important, well, I’d say yes. While the rules are the way they are, it’s best to use them. You never know, there might be another Reiwoldt and Kositcke in the draft. That’s who we need.

Anyway, gotta go read some stuff.

Game Over.


...mj said...

You'll find that fuel per gallon over there in the Lande of thee Freee is cheap as chips for the good ole' boys like Madden in their Winnebago's and SUVS... Suck on down people.

Clokeeeey! said...

I just wonder how he can get from say Seattle to Florida in 7 days? I went camping across america, took 3 weeks, if we didn't stop and camp it may have taken 7 days, but you've gotta smell the roses don't ya? Maybe he has a driver too.

...mj said...

He's hardly struggling for funds...

Clokeeeey! said...

Would that make his driver his be-atch?

weasel said...

Completely unsubtantied rumour is that Madden gets loaded at half time and then starts make homo-erotic comments about the players as the second half drags on.

I can testify to the second part of the above, not so sure about the first.

Sherri said...

What's up with all the ads in the comments?

Anyway, you can get from Seattle to Florida in about 4 days. You pretty much have to drive all day.

Glad to hear that you like American football. I am a Miami Dolphins fan. LOOOVVEEE them.

Clokeeeey! said...

OK, 10 minutes later, all the ads are gone. Gonna have to switch on the comment confirmation thingy. It's a pain, but I notice more and more are doing it to stop the ads.

weasel said...

4th Test:England's first innings scorecard

This series might go all the way to the last day of the fifth at the Oval mate...

Locket said...

Jeez Clokes,

I pop over for some commentary and an inappropriate touch or two but find nothing in your post I feel qualified to comment on.

I'm just getting the hang of footie and you're on cricket now? FUCK! What hope do I have?

I've been to a one-dayer at the WACA though. I cheered in all the right places and was pissy by 11am. Does that give me some cred?

Locket said...

Ps please note use of sporting terminology in above comment:

- commentary
- qualified
- footie
- cricket
- one-dayer

MelbourneGirl said...

i think 'touch' can also qualify as sporting terminology?

also 'post'


Clokeeeey! said...

Locket, MG, let me pick out some more....
Over - Cricket
Hang - as in hang time - as in NFL
Right - as in right wing, right post, right etc.
11am - as in when traditional cricket starts
FUCK - as in the umpire pays 50metres against you for swearing at him.
inappropriate - behaviour of some football teams in the off season.

touch - well spotted MG, as it rugby, kick into touch.
Post - as in goals, thanks for your input :-)

There you go, some cred is now established. Come back any time.

PS: Footie is not footy unless you spell it right.

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