Monday, August 29, 2005

Out of context.

I was walking through town today, on my lunch break, when I came across two women talking about something. As they approached, I heard one say to the other "He's got the best nuts!"
Now, I didn't see any other he's around. My mind started wondering, what the hell could they be talking about, mine where securely hidden. No freeballing here.


weasel said...

I once worked at a deli where we sold heated cashews and for s&g would try and offer shoppers "hot nut bags" without cracking up.

Q. What is Ricky Ponting's favorite U2 song?
A. "I will follow". He also likes "The Winner Takes it All" by Australia's favorite Swedish people of all time, ABBA.

Onto the flipping Oval and certain death by tabloid for one set of 11 players. Good luck, ockers, come on England!

ChickyBabe said...

Peanuts!!! That's what they're talking about.

We call them something else ;). Ooops...I'm outta here!

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